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What are the benefits of becoming a member of the New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group?

Tapping into a growing community of RFID experts in New Zealand Partner with experts from various industries to drive mass adoption of EPC/RFID technologies in New Zealand. The New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group pulls diverse groups together: manufacturers, distributors, retailers, academics and regulatory bodies to build requirements for global EPC/RFID technical standards and to share best practices for adopting EPC/RFID technologies. Embracing and developing RFID standards to meet your company’s needs RFID standards provide competitive advantages: common standards of tag/reader communication, interoperability and data exchange result in quicker implementations with reduced costs. Spearhead the collaborative development and rapid deployment of standards for RFID technology with other industry experts to develop global, user-driven standards to meet industry-specific needs for EPC/RFID hardware, software and information exchange.

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Membership fees

The following fees apply for membership of the RFID Pathfinder Group:

Voting membership

Voting members have the ability to vote for any constitutional changes and other motions that are presented at the AGM. Who can become a Voting member? Any company which, in the opinion of the National Committee, represents the interests of an industry, or represents a category of skills within a particular industry, as well as has an active interest in upholding and supporting any of the Society’s interests.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate Members are entitled to receive all reasonable information, advice and assistance from the Society in connection with the operation of their RFID and/or EPC technologies. However affiliate members are not eligible to vote at the AGM.

RFID Solution Providers

The RFID vendor community in New Zealand is growing as is the level of RFID implementations. Below is a list of member organisations involved with The New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group. Click on the links to access the websites for more information.

GS1 New Zealand

GS1 is the international not-for-profit organisation behind the only global system for bar coding, and for standardised identification of products, assets, services, places and organisations. GS1 develops standards, services and solutions for use by businesses, government agencies and many other organisations worldwide. In addition to bar coding, GS1 standards are increasingly important for radio frequency identification (RFID), for data synchronisation and for other forms of e-commerce.

BCS Group

BCS Group’s expertise lies in delivering end to end solutions consisting of logistics hardware, automation controls and elegant software products that have made BCS supplier of choice to airports, airlines, freight and industrial customers around the world. Our business breaks into three business units being Airport Systems, Operations and Maintenance and our newest business unit Services and Solutions (SaS).

Vitag New Zealand

Vitag provides world-leading security systems and software, consultants who really know their stuff, and a nationwide network of engineers ready to deliver and support your retail business. From simple loss prevention systems to in-store business intelligence solutions, Vitag security systems are hard at work in almost every retail sector – from fashion, consumer electronics and pharmaceutical, to sports, office supplies and DIY. RF Keeper delivers the world’s first plug-and-play item-level RFID system. Convert your store in less than a day and count your entire inventory in minutes.


Times-7 pushes the boundaries of RFID technology worldwide Times-7 are leaders in RFID antenna design and manufacture. Our patented award winning UHF antennas meet the needs of virtually any industry application; providing customers with fast accurate tracking of products, assets & people; empowering organisations to transform processes & reduce costs. Our SlimLine range of antennas are unique in the RFID industry; offering high levels of performance & durability in an aesthetically superior form.

Electronic Identification Technologies

Electronic Identification Technologies Limited assists client companies to acquire and install the most applicable RFID and EID identification technologies and solutions to suit their operational needs. We are totally technology and supplier agnostic thereby providing you, the client, with impartial advice. The only product we sell is our time and expertise. We are not aligned to any supplier, nor are we blinkered to provide solutions suited to a particular technology.

Zen Tag

ZenTag started to help customers be more successful by using RFID technology. ZenTag love talking to a customer about the things that make them unique or different, and the complexities and challenges they face running a business. ZenTag challenge themselves to use their experience and knowledge of RFID to help customers succeed and produce better, data-driven outcomes for their business.

Synergic Technologies

Synergic Technologies helps ambitious businesses modernise, optimise and digitise their supply chains to be Smart, Connected, Agile, and Sustainable. We deliver this through our deep expertise in supply chain and global technologies. Being the only accredited Zebra Professional RFID partner and sole distributor of itemit software in the region gives you confidence in our ability to provide the right RFID solution for any business. Our mission is to be Aotearoa New Zealand’s leader in supply network optimisation technologies.

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