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A very comprehensive list of case studies, research reports and white papers are published in our Resource library. Read research reports, case studies and white papers here.


Featured research reports, case studies and white papers:


Halal meat traceability report from Malaysia

This ground-breaking research involving members of the Pathfinder Group and a team from GS1 New Zealand conclusively demonstrates robust supply chain traceability and product authenticity in the export of cartons of Halal beef products from New Zealand to Malaysia using EPC UHF RFID Standards. The report has been published and is available now.

The use of EPC RFID standards for livestock traceability

The NZ RFID Pathfinder Group has also undertaken ground-breaking research into the use of passive EPC UHF RFID for livestock traceability applications. The objective of this research is to assess the efficacy of using EPCIS standard as a tool for livestock traceability from a deer farm in Geraldine, New Zealand through a meat processor in Rakaia, Canterbury and shipped as cartons of finished meat cuts to a retail customer in Hamburg, Germany. Read the full report here.

Auto-ID labs leading the way in automatic identification

The Auto-ID Labs are the leading global network of academic research laboratories in the field of networked RFID. The labs comprise seven of the world’s most renowned research universities located on four different continents. These institutions were chosen by the Auto-ID Center to architect the Internet of Things together with EPCglobal. Access Auto-ID lab publications here.

Does RFID reduce “out of stocks”?

Any reduction in out of stocks provides benefit for the retailer, the supplier and the consumer. Wal-Mart commissioned a study to examine the influence of RFID on out of stocks. In 2005, out of stocks were examined daily in 24 Wal-Mart stores and preliminary results presented in this paper suggest that RFID is making a huge difference. Read findings of their preliminary analysis here.