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Members of the Pathfinder Group are some of the most experienced RFID practitioners in New Zealand and have a wealth of experience. If you are conducting a research, or planning a project that would use RFID technology and require assistance, please feel free to email us with your questions or issues and we will contact our members for advice, then get back to you regarding their answer and guidance. Contact the Pathfinder Secretary for more information, or just simply ask your question straight away.

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RFID Certification

RFID practitioners in New Zealand can now gain certification from United States–based RFID Professional Institute with this body recently appointing the NZ RFID Pathfinder Group to be an on-site proctor and exam centre for its examination process. New Zealand is the first country to participate in extension of this US-based certification which involves candidates being examined on all types of RFID systems and on their use in business and consumer applications. Organisations or individuals interested in sitting the RFID certification exam should contact the Pathfinder Secretary for more 

Organising guest speaker events

Several times during the year we host After Fives networking events. These functions provide both members and non members with an opportunity to listen to presenters from all around the world discuss RFID case studies, implementations, issues and challenges in an informal networking environment. Here’s a brief report of the networking event with the editor of RFID Journal Mark Roberti in August 2016. A previous After Fives event highlighted an interesting beer keg case study.


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